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We offer comprehensive professional estate planning solutions in Chicago, IL, designed to protect your family's future. Our expertise includes drafting wills, managing trusts, and guiding you through the probate process, all customized to the specific requirements of you and your loved ones.

Benefit from over 15 years of dedicated estate planning experience

Complete Estate Planning Services

Securing Your Legacy for Generations

Ensuring your legacy and succession are well-protected, Hampton and Hampton Law in Chicago offers a broad array of estate planning services. We’re passionate about helping you safeguard your financial legacy and ensuring a seamless asset transfer. With Hampton and Hampton Law, you’re set for comprehensive estate planning consultations, including wills, trusts, probate services, and strategies for asset protection.

Our firm delivers a full spectrum of professional estate planning solutions, aiming to secure your family’s future. Tailoring our services to meet your unique needs, we cover will creation, trust administration, and probate services.

Below are our services: 

Estate Planning

Creating a detailed estate plan is key to protecting your family’s future. Our seasoned estate planning lawyers at Hampton and Hampton Law work closely with you to formulate a plan that matches your financial objectives and family needs. Covering everything from distributing assets to setting up healthcare directives, we make certain your preferences are legally safeguarded.

Will Drafting

Our expert drafting services help craft your legacy with precision, creating legally robust wills that echo your desires. A personalized will from our attorneys ensures hassle-free asset transfer and guardianship arrangements.

Trust Formation

Experience the benefits of trust creation to protect and manage your assets. Our team is skilled in forming various types of trusts, ensuring your wealth is preserved and distributed as you intend.

Probate Administration

Navigate the probate process with ease thanks to our expert guidance. Our probate services simplify these legal proceedings, providing you and your loved ones with compassionate support.

Asset Protection Strategies

Our asset protection strategies are designed to shield your wealth from potential threats, employing trusts, business entities, and strategic planning to protect your financial legacy.

Expertise in Wills, Trusts, and Probate

Our proficiency spans crucial estate planning areas, ensuring your documents are comprehensive and your wishes precisely articulated. Hampton and Hampton Law stands as a pillar of estate planning in Chicago, IL, dedicated to crafting, preserving, and securing legacies with specialized legal acumen in wills and trusts, proficient probate process guidance, and a steadfast commitment to compliance.

Let us help you protect your legacy

Seniors meeting with attorney shaking hands during a estate planning meeting. Hampton and Hampton Law.

Why Choose Our Chicago Estate Planning Lawyers

Opt for a team renowned for both expertise and compassion. Our Chicago estate planning attorneys blend thorough legal acumen with a client-centered approach, ensuring we're the go-to choice for estate planning services.

15 Years of Experience: Our firm’s decade and a half of focus on estate planning translates into profound legal insight for your needs.

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Attention to Detail

We're meticulous in managing every aspect of your estate plan, ensuring documents accurately represent your intentions.

Empathy and Sensitivity

Dealing with sensitive topics with the utmost care, we approach family dynamics and end-of-life planning with empathy.

Active Communication

You'll stay informed at every turn, with our team ensuring clarity and peace of mind through the estate planning process.

Customized Estate Planning Support

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each client's circumstances, we personalize our legal advice accordingly. Our estate planning services in Chicago are crafted to resonate with your individual situation and aspirations for the future. At Hampton and Hampton, we apply bespoke strategies that protect your assets and guarantee your legacy is realized just as you envision.


Tailored Estate Strategies

* Meticulously designed
* Detailed will
* Comprehensive trust


Personalized Advisory Sessions

* Personalized approach
* Legally sound
* Combination of strategies


Enhance Your Business Security

* Tailored estate-planning roadmap
* Wealth preservation
* Tax considerations

At Hampton and Hampton Law, we implement client-specific strategies that secure your assets and ensure your legacy unfolds according to your distinct vision.

Navigating Estate Law in Illinois

Our attorneys are well-versed in Chicago’s estate laws, ensuring your estate plan is both compliant and effective. We simplify the complexities of estate law for our Chicago clients.

Up-to-Date Legal Knowledge

Count on us to navigate the complexities of changing regulations, ensuring that your estate plan is not only robust but also aligned with the most current legal standards.

Adherence to Chicago Estate Laws

Your estate plan is crafted with a deep understanding of Chicago law, offering you peace of mind and legal compliance.

Effective Estate Planning Strategies

Our estate attorneys pride themselves on developing personalized, results-driven strategies that go beyond mere compliance.

Frequently asked Questions

We’re proud that our firm offers highly skilled legal services. With us you’ll never feel like our lawyers and staff don’t value your needs. We’re here to help and value your business!

Estate planning is vital for controlling asset distribution, minimizing taxes, caring for loved ones, and appointing guardians for minors.

Wills detail posthumous asset distribution and undergo probate. Trusts manage assets during your life and can avoid probate, offering privacy and efficiency.

Probate in Illinois manages asset distribution and debt settlement of the deceased, involving will filing, executor appointment, asset valuation, debt payment, and asset distribution under court supervision.

Yes, updating your estate plan is essential to reflect life changes like marriage, childbirth, financial shifts, or asset acquisitions.

Estate and inheritance taxes may apply. Proper planning can reduce or eliminate these taxes.

Start safeguarding your legacy today with our Chicago estate planning team. Call our skilled estate planning professionals today for an initial consultation, marking the beginning of your journey towards security and peace of mind for you and your family.

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