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We specialize in residential and commercial closings including condos, acquisitions, new construction, and refinance. Our team has both the expertise and experience to deliver positive results in a timely fashion. We add value to your closing by providing realistic and commercial solutions to the challenges faced by our clients.

Get Legal Support For Every Step of Your Real Estate Transaction

Real Estate Legal Services We Provide

Hampton and Hampton Law offers a wide range of services to address various real estate issues. We offer legal guidance for residential and commercial real estate matters, whether you are buying or selling a property. Additionally, we provide dedicated representation in real estate disputes, including boundary disputes, breach of contract, and other conflicts that may arise.

Our law firm handles real estate matters with a commitment to exceptional service, covering the following legal requirements of our clients:

We also offer Homeowners Association (HOA) services, including:

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Simplifying Real Estate Transactions

Real estate transactions need to go through the proper legal process. Whether you are buying, selling, leasing, or investing in property, the team at Hampton and Hampton is here to guide you through every step of the process. While real estate transactions can be complex and stressful, our expertise and dedication are here to make the process smooth and seamless.

Our practice areas include residential and commercial real estate transactions, landlord-tenant disputes, real estate litigation, zoning and land use issues, and more. No matter the size or complexity of your case, our attorneys have the knowledge and skills to handle it effectively. At Hampton and Hampton LLP, we strive to provide excellent customer service and communication throughout our representation. We take the time to understand your needs and goals, working tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes.

With Hampton and Hampton Real Estate Attorney’s representing your interests, you can be sure that your Atlanta area real estate transactions are executed properly and your rights are protected.

Why Choose Hampton and Hampton To Close your Real Estate Deals?

With our experienced real estate team on your side, you can rest assured that your best interests are at the forefront of every transaction.

We’ll protect your interests.

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Dependable Representation

Our lawyers bring years of experience to the table, offering dependable advice and representation.

Clear Guidance

We provide clear guidance for every aspect of your real estate transaction from start to finish.

Responsive Representation

Our team is dedicated to providing you with personalized and responsive legal services specific to your real estate matters.

Professional Real Estate Attorneys Focused On Your Goals

Let us help you buy, sell, or invest in real estate with confidence.

We bring years of experience in real estate law, helping clients navigate the law. You can count on us for excellent legal advice, a highly personalized approach, and sound representation in court.

Get the legal advice you need and the results you deserve.

Hampton and Hampton Law is here to provide you with the highest level of service and professionalism. Our goal is to ensure that you are well-informed and involved in every step of the real estate legal process. We believe in open communication and transparency, enabling you to feel confident in your decisions and the legal strategies we employ on your behalf.

Frequently asked Questions

We’re proud that our firm offers highly skilled legal services. With us you’ll never feel like our lawyers and staff don’t value your needs. We’re here to help and value your business!

In the State of Georgia, when it comes to closing a real estate deal, the state requires the involvement of a licensed Georgia attorney. This is different from how things work in many other states, where title companies usually handle the paperwork for closing. Normally, there's just one attorney in the mix, and they either represent the buyer's lender if it's a loan deal or directly represent the buyer in a cash purchase. Both the buyer and seller have the option to hire their own lawyer to check over documents and provide support during the closing.

It's important to note that even if the attorney is there for the lender, they have a duty to explain all the paperwork to both sides and treat everyone fairly. Also, if the attorney is representing the lender, the buyer still has the choice to use the same attorney, as long as that attorney follows the lender's rules.

In Illinois, the Seller typically pays for the cost of the Buyers title policy as part of the Seller’s closing costs, and the Buyer pays for the cost of the Lender’s title insurance policy. In Georgia, typically the Buyer pays for both the Buyer and Lender's title policies, as part of Buyer’s closing costs.

It depends on why you are backing out of the deal. There are certain contingencies covered in most real estate contracts protecting the buyer. If you back out of the contract for an approved contingency, you will get your earnest money back.

You can expect your earnest money back if:

• The home doesn’t pass inspection.

• The home appraises below its sale price.

• You are unable to obtain a mortgage.

• The home has title search issues.

You might not get your earnest money back if: you don’t meet the deadlines listed in the contract for inspections and appraisals, or you have a change of heart absent an approved contingency.

A real estate attorney focuses on legal matters related to real estate, such as purchasing and selling homes, property ownership, management, adherence to regulations, resolving disputes, and title complications. They also ensure that the contract accurately represents their client's comprehension of the agreement in any deal.

Both the purchaser and the seller can hire their own legal counsel to review paperwork and advocate for them during the finalization of the sale. Even though the attorney handling the closing may represent the lender, they must explain the documents to both parties thoroughly. They must treat all individuals without legal representation fairly and ethically.

Real estate closings in Atlanta involve various critical aspects, such as understanding title and insurance matters, ensuring a smooth process, and managing all contracts and legal documentation. Our Atlanta law firm is devoted to assisting you in these matters to guarantee a successful real estate closing.

Law firms offer extensive legal support for purchasing and selling real estate. At Hampton and Hampton, we focus on residential and commercial real estate issues, providing legal advice for all real estate contract dealings. Whether you are buying or selling, our lawyers are available to advocate for you, provide guidance, and deliver exceptional legal support during your real estate experience.

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